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For Retail Shop Windows

Why stop promoting your store when your business is closed? With a through glass touchscreen, passers-by will be attracted to the bright rotating banners, featuring your product catalogue, latest product arrivals, special offers, seasonal promotions, etc.

These bright sunlight readable touch screen displays, uniquely work through glass, making them ideal for retail shop windows or reception areas.

  • Let customers swipe through your product catalogues on your interactive shop windows
  • Easily trial different products, pricing and offer combinations to measure response
  • Update and change your product catalogue contents and prices, as easy as website updates
  • Easily add new specials and promotions
  • Let customers watch product videos, or connect with your business via Twitter, Facebook messages
  • Collect valuable customer details from simple enquiry forms that work through glass
  • Advertise QR codes or discount coupons
  • Eliminate unnecessary printing costs and delays

Through Glass Touchscreens 15″ & 19″

These touch screen displays are a breeze to install. With just a single power plug to connect, you can then choose your choice of screen mount, such as ceiling, floor or table mount. The only requirement is that the Touch Screen must remain in contact with the glass at all times to work.

Through Glass Touchscreens 24″, 32″, 42″, 55″, 65″

Standard screen sizes for larger through glass touch screens are 24″, 32″, 42″, 46″, 55″, 65″ in 16:9 aspect ratio.  Using an LED/LCD display and a touchfilm behind the glass, larger through glass touchscreen sizes are achievable.

Through Glass Touchscreens 70″, 80″, 90″, 100″

Standard screen sizes for supersize through glass touch screens are 70″, 80″, 90″ and 100″.  Using a projector and a rear projection touchfilm behind the glass, much larger through glass touchscreen sizes are achievable.


To obtain a quote for a through glass touchscreen please  call us on 0151 8080 180 or email us via our enquiry form.