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For Property Window Displays

Interactive Property Window Displays similar to window touch foil

Move away from static ‘on loop’ displays and draw customers back to your high street window display.

Showcase your properties and your brand in a totally unique and cutting edge format.

Through Glass Touchscreens 15″ & 19″

These touch screen displays are a breeze to install. With just a single power plug to connect, you can then choose your choice of screen mount, such as ceiling, floor or table mount. The only requirement is that the Touch Screen must remain in contact with the glass at all times to work.

Through Glass Touchscreens 24″, 32″, 42″, 55″, 65″

Standard screen sizes for larger through glass touch screens are 24″, 32″, 42″, 46″, 55″, 65″ in 16:9 aspect ratio.  Using an LED/LCD display and a touchfilm behind the glass, larger through glass touchscreen sizes are achievable.

Through Glass Touchscreens 70″, 80″, 90″, 100″

Standard screen sizes for supersize through glass touch screens are 70″, 80″, 90″ and 100″.  Using a projector and a rear projection touchfilm behind the glass, much larger through glass touchscreen sizes are achievable.

KioApp for Property

To get estate agents up and running quickly, we developed the KioApp for Property – A mixture of property listings, detailed views, news, offers and viewings enquiry capture in a single custom designed an app hosted and remotely updated. Its key features include:

  • Search, filter and view all your properties, not just those in the window display
  • See detailed property information and images
  • Add shortlisted properties to a virtual basket and check out
  • Request viewings or express interest direct to e-mail or by text message
  • Browse home buyers incentives and offers
  • Advertise new local property developments
  • Browse company news, information and FAQs
  • *Accepts data feeds from Rightmove or export files
  • *Show interactive plans and virtual tours
  • *Show Google location maps


KioCube for Property

Move away from boring coffee tables or anti-social stand alone mounted tablets with our unique range of design led interactive furniture.

  • Create a welcoming, social and interactive seating area for a more consultative and engaging sales environment.
  • Register customers and allow them to access your customised and branded property app, website or allow them to browse daily news papers, magazines or play games while they wait
  • Review property listings and images over a coffee at a table not a desk
  • Customise the finish and branding to match your office waiting area


To obtain a quote for a through glass touchscreen please  call us on 0151 8080 180 or email us via our enquiry form.