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Through Glass Touch

LifeSize Touch have the most affordable way to make your shop windows interactive, as supplier of The KioScreen™ – affordable touch screens which work through glass and create interactive shop windows for restaurants, bars, estate agents and retail shops.

The KioScreen™ is revolutionary. It’s a special touch screen that works like a larger, brighter iPad behind or under glass, such as shop windows or glass tabletops.

The KioScreen™ is different. It’s a commercial touchscreen, making it compact, robust, super easy to install and it can be used in places never imagined before. The possibilities for a range of creative solutions for many market sectors is now available.

The KioScreen™ is unrivalled. It’s the only touchscreen PC on the market which works through glass, there are no separate components to buy and it can be moved or repositioned very easily without a team of expert installers.

Existing ‘through glass’ touch solutions, are achieved using a complex and delicate touchfilm technology which has to be matched with additional computing components such as a projector & rear projection film or an LCD screen and of course a suitable computer.

Installation and configuration of touchfilms are not for the novice, the touchfilm layer has to be bonded to the glass surface using adhesive and then calibrated to the computer. The total costs for this solution can quickly add up, plus repairs or repositioning can be more complex and costly.

Touchfilm through-glass touch technology is best suited to project installations which require a large format solution in the range of 32″-142″ diagonal.

We do touchfilm/touchfoil through glass installations too – so please see our other website sections for those details.