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Touchscreen Displays

Designed for use in public environments, these touchscreens are available in 32, 42, 55 and 70 inch versions.

These touchscreens are extremely stylish with silver surrounds and can be floor mounted, wall mounted or mounted on a tilt table at an angle to allow downward view and operation from a standing position.

These indoor displays are strengthened and protected by toughened glass, making them extremely vandal & damage resistant.

Touch display drivers are available for Windows, Linux and Apple OS. Please note that they are not compatible with iPads, but will support and work extremely well with Mac Mini.

You can create an inexpensive interactive display with Android OS and a low cost Android PC.

Android interactive digital signage PC

Prefer Windows? The screen will support both Windows 7 & 8, it can be paired with a powerful Intel digital signage PC for discreet hardware.

Windows interactive digital signage PC

For Mac lovers, you will be pleased to learn that the touchscreens support Lion OS and a Mac Mini makes a stylish compact interactive display solution