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KioPro Dual Touchtable 19″ x 2

The KioPro Dual™ features two 19″ touchscreens for multi-user interaction, better than one screen, it allows your guests or customers to interact with the touchtable from opposite sides, via their own touchscreen.

KioPro Dual touchscreen table, for multi-user touchtable interaction. Great for receptions, waiting areas, exhibitions.
Ideal for exhibition and reception areas, it increases the usability of your touchtable and can be designed in coffee table height or standing height.

The KioPro Dual™ can be powered by either an Android PC or Windows PC, depending on your needs.

Superior Design Options

Unlike other touch tables, the KioPro Dual™ can be made in bespoke furniture finishes, including over 300 wood laminates and Formica colour ranges.

Multi-touch tables with bespoke Formica colour laminates.
Bespoke wood laminate finishes to match your interior

Why KioPro Dual?

Unlike traditional standing height touch screen kiosks, the KioPro™ is stylish, elegant and can be incorporated more easily into visitor relaxation and waiting areas.

It encourages your guests to sit down, relax and interact with your brand, products and offerings.

Unlike an iPad the KioPro Dual™ provides a mixture of guest entertainment, information and interaction in a design that’s theft resistant, vandal resistant, spill proof and extremely hygienic.

KioPro Dual Table Enquiries

To get pricing and availability for the KioPro Dual or any of our products, please call us on 0151 8080 180 or contact us via our enquiry form.