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LifeSize supply to and advise small, medium and large businesses on how to best leverage touch technology by using our breadth of skills, knowledge and first hand experience in this fast moving technology sector.

This is a selection of clients showing a wide range of touch technology products, software and installations we have provided throughout the UK and Worldwide.

Oil & Gas

55″ multi-touch screen for exhibitions & training. Our complete solution included portable floor stand, with fliptop & upright setting. Multi-touch software for dynamic, interactive sales presentations at exhibitions. PC compatible with touchscreen & software requirements.


55″ Wall mounted multi-touch screen for boardroom presentations and meetings. Solution needed to be compatible with Microsoft Windows 8 and to fit the designated wall space.

Estate Agents / Property

32” through glass touchscreen, with high brightness display (1000 cdm) mounted in landscape orientation. A mini digital signage PC is locked in kiosk mode to let passers by search properties for sale and to let, using their new touch optimised website.

Estate Agents / Property

32” Wall mounted touchscreen, with complete edge to edge glass for high-end look, connected to digital signage PC with their touch optimised website setup in safe kiosk settings. The touchscreen allows their clients to search for properties for sale and to rent, watch videos, browse at their own pace in an engaging format.

Estate Agents / Property

24″ Wall mounted touchscreen with cloud based property app running on a mini digital signage PC that synchronises with their estate agents software automatically each day. We provide remote support using a web based login to the PC.

Estate Agents / Property

Using a high brightness projector (5500 lumen) projector with mini Android PC, we take a live feed from their estate agency software to project a moving carousel of featured properties onto a blank white wall.

Property Developer

Our 40″ android multi-touch podium has been custom designed for their property marketing suite to allow sales advisors and customers to browse an interactive app with details of properties, streetviews, 360 video and the local area.

Property Developer

Provision of secure iPad floormounts, with Apple Express and Apple TV installed to connect to a 55″ wall mounted LED screen, this is used to mirror the iPad app onto the larger screen and to conduct a guided sell with homebuyers.

Software / Technology

A completely portable solution for ongoing exhibition requirements, this package included 4 x 42″ multi-touch kiosks with tilt stands and custom built flight cases for events & exhibitions. A secure PC compartment under the touchscreen provides a safe way to secure PC’s overnight.

Software / Technology

A complex installation for IBM involving the build of 2 x 142″ rear projection touchscreen displays for installation at their automotive demonstration room at IBM UK HQ. 2 x 10,000 lumen projector provide the source of their stunning interactive content.

Holiday Home Park

100″ fast fold display with high brightness projector and flight case for childrens movie evenings and external events. The complete package is portable and allows easy transport between locations.

Business Improvement District

Using UV protected through glass technology, we installed a 42″ high brightness display (1000 cdm) in portrait orientation for this busy tourism kiosk in central London. A mini digital signage PC provides 24/7 operation and remote support is provided by LifeSize using a web app.

High street retailer / Footwear

15″ All in one through glass touchscreen PC for installation in shopping centre locations. The KioScreen is extremely easy to install and move, meaning that its ideal for retailers who want to create an endless aisle experience in their shop windows, to check out of stock, out of store, out of hours.

National Shop Fitters

15” All in one through glass touchscreen PC for installation in retail shops and demonstrated in their interactive retail showroom.

National Shop Fitters

32” Multi-touch coffee table with Windows 8 for installation in their new furniture showroom to present colour swatches, portfolios and projects in a dynamic format.

County Council

15″ All in one through glass touchscreen PC for installation in tourism locations as an alternative to an outdoor kiosk

Autism / Special Residential

21.5” touchscreen with toughened glass integrated into bespoke desk with secure floor fittings for use in ASD and challenging behaviour environment. An Android PC with ‘admin settings’ allows apps to be ‘locked down’ for ease of maintenance.

Business Park

This was made completely bespoke to fit into their available space. A dual user coffee table with 2 x 10″ touchscreens for dynamic sales presentations in a commercial property marketing suite. The screens face the user, allowing guided sell by the sales advisor to the client sitting opposite.


Swipe and gesture filled multimedia sales presentation app created for the iPad in HTML5/JS for on the spot presentations and to be downloaded from the app store. The client needed a solution for presenting their company at tradeshows in a modern engaging format.

Renewable Energy

70” Rear projection touchscreen, custom designed for integration into their modular exhibition stand system, with an interactive company presentation in Flash and games such as Angry Birds for ice-breaking activity at exhibitions


Touchscreen and digital signage solutions for Maplin, new store concept opening March 2014, including consultancy, project management and supply of touchscreens and digital signage screens.