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Versatile Touchscreen Kiosk – 32″, 42″, etc

24, Nov 2014

Available in silver or black, this versatile touchscreen floor mount allows your touch screen to be adjusted to three different positions.

Shows touch screen in tilt position. Also goes flat to tabletop position. This tilted position may be preferable for brightly lit rooms to ensure that screen content is visible.

* Touch screens shown in this article are for illustration only.

Touchscreen floor mount in tabletop positionShows touch screen in flat tabletop position.

Floor stand has locking castors to allow easy movement between spaces and rooms.

* A flat base plate can be supplied as an alternative to the wheeled base. The base can be screwed secure to a floor.

Touchscreen kiosk with secure PC enclosureShows touch screen in tabletop position with PC enclosure.

The PC enclosure has a lock and key for only authorised access.

This secure solution creates an ideal set-up for public space use.

The adjustable height and design of this touchscreen kiosk make it wheelchair and child friendly, making it accessible to the broadest range of users.

A wide range of PC specifications can be incorporated, such as Windows 7/8 with Core i3, i5 or i7. Android and Linux also available.

Please call us on 0151 8080 180 to get a sameday quote for the above touchscreen kiosk in a size and specification for your needs.