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KioCube features on

04, Jun 2013

The KioCube featured in an article on becoming our second product to feature on their website.

The KioCube is an interactive coffee table aimed at the hospitality and leisure industries, particularly for use in lobbies and waiting rooms as a means of entertainment for waiting visitors or as an interactive coffee menu in a cafe or restaurant setting.

Their article specifically mentions the KioCube’s design features which make it ideal for these uses as the touchscreens are protected under toughened glass, making them difficult to steal or damage and making it resistant to spills and easy to clean, a must in the hospitality industry.

The KioCube is the first in a line of interactive touch screen furniture products to be released by LifeSize Touch all aimed at rethinking how companies use furniture and how customers interact with brands and digital marketing campaigns.

Read the article in full on the Insider Media website.