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Android Touchscreen Table



Android Coffee Tables

18, Oct 2014

Our Android coffee tables are stylish, secure and easy to manage.

Using through glass technology, each touchscreen is safely protected under glass, allowing the surface to be easily wiped clean and minimising risk of damage or theft.

The best feature of our new touchscreen coffee table range is the ability to create your own content easily by accessing thousands of free and low cost apps in the Android app store.

Let your customers browse through:

  • maps
  • videos and photography
  • property details
  • stock catalogues
  • food menus
  • drink menus
  • news and weather
  • games

Our coffee tables come with a choice of screen sizes in options 18.5″ and 21.5″. Windows 7/8 OS versions are also available.

These interactive tables provide a fast way to provide an entertaining customer/guest experience in a format that you can quickly and easily update with minimum fuss.

Please call us on 0151 8080 180 for details of our pricing.